4 Tips and Tricks To Look Taller Without Losing Your Elegance

Who does not want to look taller? Well, I am only 5'2" so YES I want to look taller ALL THE TIME. I am going to share 4 easy tips and tricks to look taller. You probably have heard that vertical stripe makes you look taller. It is the truth! But besides vertical lines, there are other hacks to make you look like you have 5'11". I hope you will implement and like them as well. Don't worry, these tricks are not crazy ones, and I am not going to tell you to wear stilettos.


This is a golden trick. It is an effortless stretching effect.
A monochromatic outfit creates a "cohesive" appearance that keeps your eyes running up and down. The result: legs for days! Let's use this tip in the registry: monochrome clothes are perfect, comfortable to match, and are practically impossible to go wrong.

High Waisted Pants

A lot of people think that their waist is just above their hips; actually, that is not the case; it is just below your ribs. High-waisted pants are fantastic for several reasons - including the ability to make anyone look taller.

Mini Length

Wearing short skirts or short dresses is one of the oldest tricks on how to look taller.  People will focus their attention on where your skirt or dress hem ends.  Therefore, the shorter your skirts or dresses are, the higher is the chance they will draw the eyes to your legs.  The most flattering length of skirts or dresses to petite girls is about 4-5 inches above your knee.
Hellooooo legs out!


V-shaped necklines give the illusion of a longer torso. Make the whole body look more elongated and tall. Unlike turtlenecks, which visually cut your silhouette, a V-neck is what you need. If you want to add the extra a trick, pull your hair back! That immediately will create even more length.

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