Embracing The Change

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Reinventing can be the most reckless journey one can ever embark on, and we are currently living into massive crazy days, navigating through world pandemic, protests, and it has been a bumpy ride. I feel like my life is separated into a thousand missing pieces.

I am in the transition phase of my life where my old self is gone, but my new self isn't fully born yet—exhausted from the madness, the pressure of meeting up with my goals, revamping, preparing myself for the "new life" after coronavirus. It is not an easy route, but it certainly has been a tricky adventure!

I am sure so many of us have been on this or are on this position, rattling so many things at the same time that it all becomes overwhelming, and we are stuck at a point of uncertainty.

Like it or not, we are all trying to hold on through balance. It can be a new mom trying to adjust the new life with the baby. It can be you stuck finding your purpose that will give you that life with decisive leadership. It can be you sitting on the bench of anxieties, finding it challenging to achieve your goals before the year ends, or struggling to get that financially secured with a 9-5 job that you aren't satisfied with.

I understand such confusion. You can be at the same point of transition, just like I am with my life. Things are happening so fast that you are trying to keep sane and live your best life through different puzzles.

Life is like the ocean. It goes from calmness to storms, so we need to understand that everything is impermanent. It is a universal law! When you find yourself between challenging moments, remember that it will pass. Nothing is going to last forever, not the good times nor the bad ones.

When things are spiraling out of control, remember that you have power in motion, do not let the test to siphon your energy. I want you to know that you have the capacity and strength to deal with this every day and walk towards bliss from all these challenges. Oh! Yes, it doesn't matter how messed up everything seems. You are capable.

Eventually, 'Change' moments will come; we simply have to learn to adapt away and embrace it. Getting your life in order or back on track doesn't happen overnight; it is a route that we must continuously travel. So if you have been wondering how to get your life back on track, here are some Mantras To Chant In These Dark phases that I adopted in my trying times, and they are helping me, maybe they can help you too:

The journey inward isn't always comfortable, but it's still worth it.
I can confront the discomfort.
I am undergoing a powerful transformation.
I am unstoppable!
I commit, I won't quit!
I am giving my best each day.
I write my own life story.
I am filled with an 'abundance.'
It's okay to wait until you feel better.
Being calm in the middle of chaos is a sign of pure power.

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