How To Focus On What (really) Matters

Where have you been focusing on the difficulties and problems that arise?

Did you know that the person who focuses on the problem does not see the benefit of the solution?

The energy always flows to where your focus is! Our mind has a limited capacity to process information. It does not handle all the information when you are in a distracting environment, for example. Otherwise, we would be able to study with the sounds of the street, the T.V., the footsteps of people, etc in the background. Your brain prioritizes and selects what is most important to retain.

What determines the absorption within our mind is the R.A.S. (Reticular Activation System). It selects what is most important at the moment and discards the rest of the information and determines our focus!

Do you want proof of that? Have you tried choosing a particular make and color of the car to buy?

Just after selecting your car, you will start to notice several vehicles like your ideal car cruising on the street. Another example is when you decide you want to have a baby, it seems that pregnant women spring up in front of you, and you start to encounter several infants on the daily... What makes you focus on those cars and that woman? R.A.S.

How do I stop focusing on the problem?

- Simple, ask the right questions for your mind !! Make your R.A.S. focus on solutions!

- Eliminate the "why" from your mind, and start thinking about "How," "What," "Where."

- Rather than asking: Why did this happen to me? Ask: How can I solve this? Or, who can I look for to help me?

Shall we do this exercise?

This week I challenge you to take your focus off the problem and focus on solutions! Soon they will appear, and you will start to lead a lighter life!


By Thallita Bethonico.

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