How to recognize an Alpha Woman in the crowd



Do you know how to find an alpha woman in the crowd? Well, these women have characteristics that do not instantly announce themselves. 

While some people say that they cannot handle dating a strong woman, successful men and women have learned that women with alpha personalities are more desirable for any type of relationship.

We separated four ways in which an alpha woman stands out from the rest.

  1. Naturally confident

The positivity, in her attitude, brings along natural confidence in her, causing people to follow wherever she goes. This confidence doesn’t make her loud, which seems cocky at times. Instead, she has confidence in the way she treats people, which leads her to earn more respect in society. 

  1. Alpha woman says it the way it is

Alpha women never exaggerate or sugar coat things to earn a gold star or to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. Such women think about what they want to say, and then they say it, calmly and clearly. Not everyone likes the bitter truth, but still, she will undoubtedly be respected.  They stay busy and have no time to play games.

People who can see her honesty will develop an admiration for the same.

  1. Work-life balance

Alpha women have their ambitions and interests and strike the right balance between their work life and personal life. They have a broader view of things which help them live not in the Future but in Now. Of course, they worry about the future; however, they don’t let one take over another. They know when they need a break, and also know when they should take extra effort in work to succeed. 

  1. Alpha Woman is her only competition

An alpha woman knows what serves best for her and what doesn’t. She doesn’t have time to waste trying to please others, and definitely is not the type of woman who gets jealous of other’s victories or achievements. She knows her strengths and limitations and has a clear vision for her own life. Consequently, she doesn’t compare her life with another man or woman.



By Thallita Bethonico.

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