The Best Decluttering Tips

No More Mess

Do you have that space? Yes, I am talking about the hot mess space we all have in our houses. 

You've cleaned, arranged, checked out organization ideas on the internet, labeled everything, and put it in boxes, but it never lasts. 

Beautiful boxes and labels won't solve the clutter problem. So what exactly do we need to do to finally declutter and organize our home?


When we start to clean our homes, it's effortless to get hung up on the idea of what we're losing. We subconsciously ask ourselves two questions when decluttering: What will I miss by getting rid of this thing? What if I need it in the future? Does this sound familiar?

The problem is, those are the wrong questions.

Some days it feels like the piles are closing in, and the paths are shrinking. On top of that, you're about to lose your mind if you have to move one more thing out of the way to get to the item you really need. Once you've gotten serious about reclaiming your home and feeling calm in your space, asking what you'll lose by getting rid of something will only lead to keeping far too much clutter in your home.

​Instead of wondering what I would lose and getting caught in a big pile of what-ifs, I focused on letting the item go. You need a place to begin, so grab a trash bag and a donation box. You can start digging out little by little the mess today. 

I don't want you to feel overwhelmed by going thru every single place at once, so I made a small list to make it easy for you to start. 

Bedroom + Closet

  1. damaged sheets + blankets
  2. extra top sheets
  3. old or uncomfortable pillows
  4. wire hangers


  1. old make-up
  2. expired facial care products
  3. expired sunblock
  4. worn-out or ripped towels + washcloths
  5. old nail care products


  1. Expired + mystery frozen foods 
  2. expired + mystery pantry items
  3. expired medicine + supplements
  4. leaky water bottles
  5. cooking tools, appliances, utensils you haven't used in over a year


By Thallita Bethonico.


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